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This makes me so freaking mad. You’re dissing on Taylor Swift because she didn’t have sex with a guy she’s not married to. I don’t care what Adele chooses to do with her life… if she wants to have kids outside of marriage then go for it. But don’t sit here and “diss” on Taylor because she’s not a mom which apparently equates to being “mentally stuck in middle school”. EXCUSE ME!?! ” Loving people is Red” doesn’t really scream middle school material to me. Talking about bullying isn’t just middle school material. People are harassed and bullied at all ages. Love is not exclusive to one age. Just because Taylor Swift chooses to sing about love doesn’t mean you get to put her down. You think you’re so cool because you can hide behind an anonymous title and make all sorts of accusations about Taylor Swift… She stands up and sings about love, hatred, victory, failure, good times and bad times. She is EMOTIONAL…and I think that’s beautiful. Not many people are able to open up to the WORLD. 

Just as a side note….Taylor Swift and Adele are NOT the same age.

Adele was born in 1988;Taylor was born in 1989. Educate yourself.

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